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Justice and Equity require constant and vigorous advocacy, legal planning, and Courtroom experience. A true legal counselor must be strong enough to commit to the best course of action and state it plainly. It demands certitude of character, ability to judge risks, and a vivid understanding of the consequences. It is not for the morally relativistic or the hand-wringing intellectual. Good advice is based on ethical judgments and a foundation of common sense learned through a life of observation and experience. Neither the young nor callow can offer it because good advice is wisdom. But to give good advice requires more than just wisdom, it requires the courage of one's convictions. It is to stake one's intellect, character, and reputation on what the actions of another person should be. It is when a client is confused, and vulnerable that guidance and good advice is most profoundly needed.

To prospective clients:

You need to know what our legal services cost. When you contact our office, we will give you a quote or estimate so you’ll know the cost before proceeding. The pictures on this website illustrate my fifty years of experience and quality of work, not cost. Although legal services are not cheap, our services are competitive and cost-effective.